Digital Photography Showcase

camera specs2003 - This is my first experience with digital photography after many, many years with 35mm and other cameras. It's been fun and I want to share some of my pictures with you. Click on the camera at the right to open another page and see detailed specifications about it.

Some of the pictures make nice desktop backgrounds and I have linked the small pictures to full sized ones in case you want to use them (just right click the large picture, which opens on another page, and choose "save picture as" or "set as wallpaper").

For 2004 and beyond, I will only be adding shots of new items, not repeating items that were already included in 2003.

Back in 2003, this was my dream camera ... an Olympus with long zoom (for then), 8X optical, 24X optical + digital. Plus it had features I was familiar with, using 35mm for so many years, and it used the same batteries and memory card at my little Fujifilm (above). But back then, it was going for $400 ... and I couldn't justify it. Click on the camera at the left to open another page and see detailed specifications about it.

Then in 2013, I got the camera on eBay for $25. However, I was disappointed in it ... not only was it hard to use, but I got pictures easier and better with my old camera (which is still running fine after all these years). -- not counting the often-abundant orbs, which Gordy is good at editing out).

So I set "my dream camera" aside ... Then Gordy decided to give it a try. He got frustrated with it, too, until he started using a tripod. Then he got some nice pictures which are included on his page.

In late 2014, my trusty little Fujifilm camera (on top) started having problems. It still worked, when it felt like it, but I didn't want to be without a reliable camera so it was time for a new one. I decided to go Nikon this time ( I loved my Nikon film SLRs) and got this one in January 2015. The 30X zoom is amazing. So far, I have been very impressed with the pictures even if I need to get used to holding it right so as not to block the pop-up flash and so that camera shaking doesn't cause blurry pictures. Gordy does better with it because it has many of the features of the Olympus camera above,

It has lots of neat bells and whistles. I put up a page of "test shots" (link on the top left) ... once I get used to it, I may add more pictures, if I have room on the server.