From the main intro page:

Back in 2003, this was my dream camera ... long zoom (for then), 8X optical, 24X optical + digital. Plus it had features I was familiar with, using 35mm for so many years, and it used the same batteries and memory card at my little Fujifilm camera. But back then, it was going for $400 ... and I couldn't justify it. Click on the camera at the left to open another page and see detailed specifications about it.

Then in 2013, I got the camera on eBay for $25. However, I was disappointed in it ... not only was it hard to use, but I got pictures easier and better with my old camera (which is still running fine after all these years -- not counting the often-abundant orbs, which Gordy is good at editing out).

So I set "my dream camera" aside ... Then Gordy decided to give it a try. He got frustrated with it, too, until he started using a tripod.

Summer 2013

Early pictures, like this one of a barred owl who came to visit, were often blurry because it is difficult to hold the camera still -- no special anti-shake features like modern digital cameras and smart phones. But then Gordy found my old tripod ... and the pictures got better!

Some of the squirrel pictures were taken on a corn-cob "toy" that Gordy made. The little brown squirrels can be trained easily to take a peanut from your hand ... not so with the big grey squirrels -- they spook easily.

Deer were another favorite subject, especially does with fawns. Unfortunately, no cameras were at the ready on the morning when a Mama deer with two little babies arrived ... with Papa, a 4-6-point buck. (No idea why the colors can be so different in different shots ... just another camera quirk, I guess).

Gordy was trying to get a closeup of a bumble bee throwing himself into the St. John's wort ... but when he looked at the pictures, he saw something else on the petal of the second flower... can you see it? If not, click on the picture for a full-frame version and zoom in ...

Haha ... here he is ... a crab spider, with a fly on the petal.



Checking the garden found several more crab spider, in various colors (turns out they can change colors to match the flowers) and many sizes. This one doesn't match very well and is similar to the one I took a picture of (on a rose) 10 years ago.

See him at my Animals, Miniature Wildlife page (here's the LINK).